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Kadri Merimaa

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What to expect?


Everything starts with technique, this will be the foundation of all of the steps, rythms and combinations that we will learn. 


Correct posture is a must in any dance but especially in an expressive form of dance like that is flamenco.

Leg Work

After the foundation of technique and posture, we will focus on perfection your leg work and movements.


All of the foundation and the key rythms and steps are there for you to express your emotions and be your true self.


Flamenco is a very expressive form of dance that helps you become more confident in yourself in every day life.


Flamenco is originated from spain where we will honor its routes by using the traditional music and technique.

Meet the teacher

Kadri Merimaa

I have been involved with music all my life. I got in touch with flamenco from late nineties. I have had Flamenco classes in two different schools in Tallinn (Estonia).

In addition, I have followed various Flamenco courses, including for example Javier Martos Culebradas, Ivan Gallego Blasco (Nene Montoya), Sandra Pinilla, Javier Latorre, Maria Juncal.

Flamenco dance fascinates me with passion and a lot of temperament. I express myself best through Flamenco dance. In my opinion, anyone who would like to learn Flamenco dance can also achieve that.

I enjoy dancing as well as teaching. It gives me great satisfaction to pass on my beautiful experiences about flamenco dance to other people. Our flamenco lessons are extensive and strenuous, but at the same time offer a lot of fun and dancing pleasure to our students.

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